About Us

About bcgNepal

Business Consulting Group (bcg) Nepal is National level Business Advisory service firm having head office at Thapaguaun Kathmandu and branch office at Bharatpur-10 Chitwan (Infront of Airport Gate). It serves to boost-up micro and medium enterprise through its startup phase to growth and maturity phase for business related issues like registration, business planning, product development, system setup assistance, staffing, marketing, accounting, tax-vat reporting, legal advisory and many more business solution from one point.

Our thirst is to assist micro and medium level enterprises for revenue maximization and cost reduction through the practical application of Cost Leadership and Differentiation Strategies, it is 21st century’s mind blowing business strategies for creation of value for money. Our service is more concerned with visible output and profit maximization. We are willing to implement business culture and attitude towards startup and growing entrepreneurs.

Business Consulting Group (bcg) Nepal is ready to support those micro, small and medium enterprises by pooling expert level manpower for Business Advisory service needs with reasonable price and provide best decisions for entrepreneur to foster in large scale.


To be leading Professional Business Consulting Service provider for micro and medium enterprises throughout Nepal.


To assist business community by implementing tailor made world class best Strategic Management practices applicable in Nepalese perspective at working level for best return and satisfaction in business. We are linking various work strategies for better result.

bcgNepal is Nepal based consulting firm having legal, accounting and engineering discipline services firm in one roof; it has following facts:

  • One stop solution for SME’s.
  • Involvement of Accountants, Lawyers, Engineers and many more business professionals.
  • Nation-wide coverage.
  • We use highly professional people for consulting.
  • Cost cutting and differentiation is our prime focus.
  • Trying to make our bold presence since 2013.